A movie for our group project

Here is the breakdown: Sign up as a user on our website 2. Register your Group Action to give us all the information we will need. Tell us what message you plan to communicate with your posters!

A movie for our group project

Production[ edit ] Home was filmed in various stages due to the expanse of the areas portrayed. Taking over eighteen months to complete the film, director Yann Arthus-Bertrand and a camera man, a camera engineer and a pilot flew in a small helicopter through various regions in over fifty countries.

The filming was done using high-definition " Cineflex " cameras which were suspended from a gyro-stabilized sphere from rails on the base of the helicopter. These cameras, originally manufactured for army firing equipment, reduce vibrations helping to capture smooth images, which appear as if they had been filmed from crane arms or dollies.

After almost every flight, recordings were immediately checked to ensure they were usable. Uploaded to this were various short clips of filming which took place in different parts of the world including the Arctic Circle, Africa and the large metropolises featured.

On 9 Marcha press-conference was held in Paris, France, where Yann Arthus-Bertrand and various producers talked to the media about the issues raised in the film, as well as confirming that Home would be the first film ever to be simultaneously released in theaters, on television, on DVD and on the Internet in five continents.

It was expected to sell in excess ofcopies.

A movie for our group project

When production costs are met, all proceeds sale takings will go to the Good Planet Company. On the fifth of June, the environmental day, everyone can download the movie on Internet. The film is given for free by the distributor to TV and theater to show it on June 5th.

A movie for our group project

Several high-resolution editions of the movie are available for download. ClearBitsan online digital media community, provides a torrent of the minute version in high-definition mp4 format, and Archive. Public response[ edit ] The film received a large response upon release, receiving overcombined views within the first 24 hours on YouTube.

It was shown to high ratings on channels around the world including the international network National Geographic Channel. Jeannette Catsoulis of The New York Times criticizes the film's narration and Glenn Close, narrator in the English version, both regarding content and style:The Movie Producers Group Two Lifetime Movie Producers Groups Formed in with the objective of generating funds for their own projects through their membership dues, .

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Then, get some friends together and find a cool place to shoot your movie, like a park, the mall, or even your backyard%(16). As stressful as group work is in college, it can actually be beneficial in the long run because it closely parallels the group dynamics of participating on a committee, task force, or on a collaborative team project found in many workplaces.

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