Importance of writing academically and professionally petite

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Importance of writing academically and professionally petite

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Scott Fitzgerald was alive today and writing, his income would be roughly half a million dollars a year.

In his prime writing days, Fitzgerald was pulling in well over ten thousand dollars a year on short stories alone. That amount of money in is equivalent to over thousand dollars a year today.

importance of writing academically and professionally petite

He made a hefty sum of money during his short-lived, brilliant, yet tumultuous career, and even though he is best known for what is often called The Great American Novel, The Great Gatsby, he was a prolific short story writer. The Saturday Evening Post paid him four grand a story during the height of his prolific career, almost exactly fifty grand a year today with inflation.

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To put that in perspective, each short story that he penned for the magazine earned him more money than the average American makes per year. Short stories were widely read, regarded, and there were a lot of venues that were paying good money for quality short forms of prose.

Are there any writers making fifty grand per short story, today? In fact, it would be hard pressed to find many writers who specialize in short stories that make fifty grand a year, and perhaps even throughout a lifetime of short story publications. Even novelists have trouble making a decent living in a society that is dominated by visual and interactive media for means of entertainment.

A short story writer today is almost like a mythical unicorn, an anomaly, an artist writing for the love of a fledgling form of writing. Short stories that are consumed today by large masses usually only appear in The New Yorker, one of the only major outlets that still publishes short stories for fairly substantial amounts of money.

Getting a short story published in the most lauded magazine in America is much harder than getting a novel published. In fact, most stories that appear in the magazine are by established writers that either have a forthcoming novel or are in-between novels.

Each story almost always is solicited by an agent even though The New Yorker accepts unsolicited stories. The chances of seeing your story in the pages of your weekly copy of The New Yorker is slim to none.

With print magazines constantly on the sharp decline in prevalence and fewer and fewer accepting fiction, most literary journals are found online, and even the most respected venues pay just a couple hundred dollars per story, or even nothing at all.

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The only other natural recourse for the modern day short story writer is to put together a collection of stories for book form. The problem with that, is if you have not been published in a magazine like The New Yorker, getting a publishing house, or even an agent to take on a collection of stories is very difficult.

importance of writing academically and professionally petite

But getting in The New Yorker requires an agent, right? This is the vicious reality that writers of short prose live in today. Achieving publication with a collection of stories is an accomplishment in its own right, but how about sales to go along with it?

As the amount of people reading has declined, the amount of individuals reading and purchasing short story collections has drastically reduced. With that being said, writers who have been to a university have undoubtedly experienced the workshop environment, a place where novel excerpts are often frowned upon in favor of a complete story, as in a short story.

What about the writers who fall in love with the short story as a medium and continue to pursue it? Do these writers matter? Despite popular opinion, short story writers are a rare breed of talent that is quite different than their fellow talented peers producing novels.

While there have been many writers in the modern era who have achieved commercial and prize accoladed success from both story collections and novels, not many have achieved widespread success exclusively from short stories. Jhumpa Lahiri won the Pulitzer Prize in for her debut collection Interpreter of Maladies and has since evolved into a successful novelist.

Academic and Professional Writing

David Foster Wallace was best known for a novel as physically massive as its success, Infinite Jest, but his short story collections were arguably as impressive in their own right. Alice Munro is perhaps the most successful short story writer of all time.

She won the Nobel Prize in for being a "master of the contemporary short story. While not exactly writing in the modern era, Raymond Carver contributed to the revitalization of the short story in the s.

He never published a novel but is still widely read today in universities across America. His writing left a lasting impact and influenced many writers of the short form to continue to write what they loved. Without him it is unlikely that we would have even a small portion of the masters of the short story that we have today.

No more proof is needed to say that the short story is still alive and important today, when arguably the greatest writer of his generation is solely dedicated to the short story. Describing a Saunders story, which usually seem laced with a bit of science fiction, post apocalyptic themes, while all the while remaining almost eerily realistic, is a difficult task.First Visit?

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Why Short Stories Matter Now More Than Ever By Steven Petite If F. Scott Fitzgerald was alive today and writing, his income would be roughly half a million dollars a year.

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