Is jay mcinerney writing a new novel

McInerney has never quite shaken off the acclaim that came his way with his first novel, Bright Lights, Big Citywhose second-person narration made the reader complicit in a life of glamorous collapse that was half-skewered and half-celebrated. The destruction of the World Trade Centre gives him a chance to prove that he can handle bigger themes. He starts the action in the late summer ofgoing easy on the portents of disaster. Corrine Calloway is a mother in young middle age, trying to get a screenplay produced.

Is jay mcinerney writing a new novel

If I were forced to judge the book aesthetically, I might concede that it could have been less obvious. There is a kind of obviousness to it, even a kind of earnestness that bothers me if I think about it too much.

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Then other things developed around that initial idea. It was a writing experience that wiped me out in a way because it took a long time to write and dealt with so many things going on in my life—the death of my father, the aftermath of American Psycho, the realization that celebrity is an illusion and that what kind of person people think you are has been created by someone else, the media and, most frighteningly, your participation with the media.

It was so damning of where I thought I was at that time, and yet it was also exhilarating to write.


I think American Psycho was just the preparation for writing Glamorama, and I think Glamorama is the more complex and interesting book. Did the Manson murders, which took place when you were five, traumatize you?

In Less Than Zero, we are constantly aware of ominous things going on in the hills. The idea that anybody could come into your house at night and kill your entire family haunted me.

It was part of the scary narrative of L. At the same time, there was a lot of scary drama in my family. It felt so strange. There were a lot of divorces going on, and there were all of these unhappy children in the midst of this beautiful setting, and it seemed so incongruous—beautiful Southern California, unhappy kids, awful father, a scary house.

What a strange thing to admit. I vaguely knew Dominique Dunne, who was in Poltergeist. She was killed by her boyfriend, whom I also vaguely knew—he worked at Ma Maison, a restaurant my family went to a lot. I also knew a guy named Ron Levin, whose killing was ordered by a guy named Joe Hunt.

One of my best friends in L. Was I an unusually fearful kid? I was anxious, maybe I was even paranoid.

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Books & Novels by Jay McInerney including Bright Lights, Big City The book sold poorly and was savaged by critics, and it therefore seems rather strange that McInerney should feel the need to wheel its characters out for yet another pseudo-satirical state-of-the-nation exercise, this time set in the years leading up to the financial crash. Their jagged, ataxic prose was hailed as the voice of a new, iconoclastic generation.

My personal experiences aside, paranoia serves an important technical function in my books. In Less Than Zero, where very little seems to be happening for most of the book, what keeps the reader engaged? Not depth of character, since these characters seem to have no depth.

Example: Jay McInerney’s best-selling novel "Bright Lights, Big City" is an excellent example of the second-person point of view and a book you should consider reading before attempting to write from this pfmlures.comney wrote the book in the second person because the main character is unnamed, and he sought to make the experiences and challenges of his central figure as personal as. McInerney returns to 80′s New York for his 3rd Novel. This time seen through the lens of Alison Poole; sharp-tongued, sexy girl about town. Alison is a drama school student sharing an apartment in Manhattan with her best friend. Grove Atlantic is an American independent literary publisher based in NYC. Our imprints: Grove Press, Atlantic Monthly Press, Black Cat, and Mysterious Press.

What keeps the reader engaged is, probably, a gradually intensifying sense of dread. I was very careful about the placement of each scene, each chapter. American Psycho is the same way. The scenes had to be put in a certain order.

There are subtle gradations of menace.With the publication of Bright Lights, Big City in , Jay McInerney became a literary sensation, heralded as the voice of a generation.

is jay mcinerney writing a new novel

The novel follows a young man, living in Manhattan as if he owned it, through nightclubs, fashion shows, editorial offices, and loft parties as he attempts to outstrip mortality and the recurring approach of dawn.

When I started writing it I was dating a girl named Lisa Druck who was about ten years younger than me—she and her friends were all about twenty and they’d all arrived in New York recently; they knew each other from the hunters and jumpers riding circuit.

that’s New York. And I want to write a novel capacious enough to contain both of.

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Anyone interested can find out plenty about the celebrity side of Jay McInerney. The entertaining details have been laid out for public consumption since the publication of his first novel, the bestseller Bright Lights, Big the stories read like fodder for fiction—there was the Japanese model he married overseas; the hospitalization of his second wife after the collapse of that.

The story takes place before and after September 11, I was disappointed in the ending. I was rooting for the two main characters, but I wanted to shake the other characters, especially the wife, Sasha and th husband, Russell.

There’s a moment in Jay McInerney’s new novel, “Bright, Precious Days” (Knopf), when one of its principals, a book editor in his early fifties, comes to feel that he is a failure: “How. Jay McInerney and Ellis in Photograph by Catherine McGann/Getty Images. Bret Easton Ellis was born in in Los Angeles, grew up in the San Fernando Valley, went to a local private school called Buckley, and drove his parents’ hand-me-down Mercedes SL.

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