Lessons learned from the american experience

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Lessons learned from the american experience

February 19th, What is a Lessons Learned Discussion? A lesson learned is defined as a good work practice or an innovative approach that is captured and shared to promote repeat application or avoid recurrence. Well-documented lessons learned enable us to further mature our project management capability and our ability to deliver projects that leverage repeatable processes.

Both advantageous and adverse consequences within a project can result in lessons learned and those that are particularly positive may be communicated outside of the team and promoted as a best practice. Lessons learned should be documented throughout the life of a project Lessons learned captured at the end of one project should be reviewed at the initiation of a similar projects Lessons learned provide invaluable insight to project managers and team members of new projects Why Facilitate a Lessons Learned Discussion?

When project managers pull together members of a project team, they should invite all who contributed to the overall effort. Additionally, lessons learned exercises give members a chance to reflect on events and activities during the project and helps bring closure to the project.

Capture lessons learned that address the following: Process — Defined process and the organizational standard process i. Beneficial — Lesson learned from an actual project event with advantageous outcome. Communications relating to beneficial lessons learned are normally limited to project personnel Detrimental — Lesson learned from an actual project event with adverse consequences.

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Communications relating to detrimental lessons learned are normally limited to project personnel Good Practice — Practice promoting or resulting in a positive outcome i. Communications relating to good practice lessons learned are extended to personnel outside the project e.

Here are some questions to consider before you begin your lessons learned discussion: Were the project goals attained? Discuss unintended outcomes that happened during or because of the project What might have been better handled if done differently? What recommendations would you give to others who might be involved in future projects of a similar type?

What was beyond your control? What things surprised you on the project that were not planned? What things did you anticipate happening that did not happen? What mistakes did you successfully avoid making? What could we automate or simplify that we do repetitively?

What skills did you need that were missing on this project? Now that you have facilitated your lessons learned discussion, here are some helpful hints for next steps:“Humanity’s greatest advances are not in its discoveries, but in how those discoveries are applied to reduce inequity.” – Bill Gates.

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Lessons learned from the american experience

For simple scanning, I organized Seth’s collection of resources into the following buckets: sites, books, eBooks, videos, and popular posts. Jan 02,  · Similar to their American counterparts, Muslims in Europe have a critical role to play in upholding the rule of law, too.

And, that brings us to the second lesson learned from the American experience. In Vietnam, Americans made efforts to learn from the French experience in Algeria and Indochina, although one can debate how well they applied those lessons or if they learned the right ones.

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