The cause and effects of violence at school

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The cause and effects of violence at school

Causes of High School Dropouts Media and Entertainment Many have tried to blame violent video games that children play, music with suggestive and sensitive lyrics, and movies desensitizing children to violence. However, there is little evidence to prove these sources of entertainment have long-term impacts leading to school violence.

The cause and effects of violence at school

Some argue media content is not the direct cause, but the lack of adult monitoring and conversation about violent media could be a contributing factor. Bullying In a world with so many different people like varying races, sexual orientations, belief systems, and nationalities, it can be difficult to feel like you fit in.

It can be harder to find your place if everyone around you makes fun of you for the qualities that make you different. This intolerance, discrimination, or bullying that many face may contribute to school violence.

Although fewer than one in ten bullied students head out on a shooting spree, about half of school shooters show evidence of being bullied and about half bully others.

Critics of this argument highlight that every teen faces intolerance on some level and that teens who "break" must be experiencing something different. Access to Weapons Today's teens are exposed to weapons, particularly guns, in an entirely different way versus previous generations.

Only about half the population believes the government should control gun ownership. This debate about gun rights and legislation is present in daily media and politics for kids to see and hear.

Mental Health Concerns Roughly half of all adolescents in the U. Of these kids, about half suffer from severe mental health impairment.

Cause & Effect Essay: School Violence |

Psychological disorders and mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety, have been on the rise for decades. While these complex issues can contribute to violent behavior, they aren't a given in school violence perpetrators. The FBI's School Shooter Threat Assessment suggests a profile of a school shooter doesn't exist because each scenario features a unique set of circumstances.

Effects of School Violence A little more than 1 out of seven of all school-age children have been the victims of a physical assault at school. Some of the most damaging effects of school violence are the frequency of occurrence, which can cause fear and the loss of innocent lives.

However, the impact of school violence is even less understood than the causes because research on this topic tends to focus on perpetrators and prevention.

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Detracts From Education Teachers are not only victims of school violence on some occasions, but they are tasked with being on the lookout for troubled students and taking great measures to connect on a personal level with students.

This heightened attention to school safety is unfortunately necessary, but it indicates a shifting perspective in American viewpoints of school. Decreases Academic Performance Research shows exposure to an incidence of violence contributes to lower test scores, but it doesn't necessarily impact grades because homework isn't affected.

Part of this can be explained by the finding sleep disruption from the incident could be the culprit. Kids who are distracted and getting poor sleep aren't able to concentrate on major educational tasks like testing.

Creates Mental Health Concerns After an incidence of violence, many students end up feeling fearful of other students or of going to school. Some of these issues may not present for days, weeks, or even years after exposure to a traumatic event. Prevention Is Key No one will ever know the exact reason as to what causes more extreme cases of school violence.

However, no matter the expert, one thing everyone can agree on is that violence in schools needs to stop. Rather than focusing on what is behind violence in schools or what can happen as a result of it, everyone needs to become focused on preventing school violence. Was this page useful?Causes of school violence most often center the psychological illness of the students so psychological wellbeing may help to minimize the chances of school violence.

Most of the times, mental as well as behavioral causes . Other effects of school violence include vandalism and loss of property – especially school facilities, moral decadence, poor human capital development, increase in crime rate, erosion of cultural values and bad reputation for schools as well as societies.

This suggests a hereditary, or genetic, cause of youth violence. At the same time, the risk of developing conduct disorder is even higher among these children if they are raised in an unfavorable family situation, suggesting that environmental factors are also at work in causing violent behavior in children.

The effects of school violence can lead to division and severe mental and physical trauma for both perpetrators and victims alike. The main cause of school violence is a combination of weak community relations and a lack of a firm hand within both schools and communities.

17 Effects of Violence Post Traumatic Stress Disorder • Being exposed to violence within the home for an extended period or exposure to a one-time event can cause PTSD in a child.* • PTSD after exposure to a variety of traumatic events (family violence, child abuse.

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