We must bring our troops home

Or know another veteran, service member, or military spouse who is?

We must bring our troops home

Republican Congress Using Defense Bill to Fund Planned Parenthood and Aborted-Baby Parts Research The Republican-controlled Congress is moving to enact a massive multi-agency spending bill that will permit funding of Planned Parenthood and federal research that uses tissue taken from aborted babies.

The bill passed the Senate Tuesday and is expected to come up for a vote in the House next week. Bay State voters will see several issues on their ballot in November, including the results of an underdog, grassroots effort to fight the bill signed into law by Gov.

Feinstein had no interest in rape allegation against Bill Clinton Sen.

Operation Military Pride – Ways to Support the Troops

Ex-girlfriend of Dem Rep. Keith Ellison doubles down on abuse allegations, releases medical document The former girlfriend of Rep.

Karen Monahan publicly accused Ellison of domestic abuse in August. But Kavanaugh is the story for the main-stream media. Wednesday 19, September Russia accuses Israel of pushing its missing spy plane into Syrian line of fire Russia blames Israeli military planes for creating a "dangerous" situation in Latakia, by exposing its missing IL spy plane to friendly Syrian missile fire that was directed against an Israeli air raid nearby on Sept.

Moscow reserves the right to take appropriate measures. A Russian spy plane with 14 aboard missing. Moscow cites Israeli fighters, French frigate in Latakia missile strikes Hours after a missile attack on Syrian and Iranian military targets in Latakia Monday night, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a military Il spy plane with 14 aboard went off the radars.

It was 35km off the Syrian coast when its air base air traffic control "lost contact.

We must bring our troops home

Some Syrian and Russian sources earlier reported that unidentified missiles had struck a military industry facility which develops missiles and chemical weapons, very close to Russian assets. For some, embracing Satanism is the ultimate form of rebellion, for others it is about making an anti-Trump political statement, and yet others claim that they are attracted by the very real power that they discover in Satanism.

You Will Get Microchipped At one time, the notion that the general population would be microchipped someday was a "conspiracy theory", but now the mainstream media is coming right out and telling us that we will all get chipped. It is almost as if they are trying to mentally condition us to accept what is coming.

Of course it is being portrayed as "cool" and "trendy," and a lot of people will be fooled by that.

Driving forces behind this included Transhumanists who seek immortality through science. Biden told an enthusiastic crowd of LGBTQ rights advocates that social conservatives at home and abroad who used religion or culture as a "license to discriminate" were committing a "crime" of prejudice.

Yes, Bert and Ernie were created as gay. Is nothing sacred anymore? Sesame Street upended the celebration of LGBT activists who praised a former writer for saying he wrote Bert and Ernie, the beloved puppet pair, as a gay couple.

In an interview with a gay lifestyle publication, former writer Mark Saltzman said that he wrote Bert and Ernie as a gay couple. In fact, he compared them to his own gay relationship. The three photographs released by the ministry showed the Syrian Presidential Palace, also known as the Palace of the People; tanks on a Syrian military base; and the Damascus international airport, which was reportedly targeted by an Israeli missile strike on Saturday night.

Israel gave warning a minute before attacking The Russian defense Mmnistry issued an unusual announcement that Syrian anti-aircraft systems activated Tuesday night in the wake of the Israeli attack in Syria were what downed the Russian transport plane last night. A defense ministry spokesman said Israel had warned the Russians a minute before the strike, and 15 Russian military personnel were killed in the crash.

Three in favour of withdrawal

He stated his organization was prepared for a new war with Israel and that they had "many surprises for the enemy".Oct 07,  · A strong majority believes we should bring our troops home and focus on rebuilding bridges, roads, and schools here in the United States, not .

Few other scenarios hold as much potential for disaster and disruption to the lives of everyone in society. At a moment's notice, million . "We are Mired in Stalemate" Broadcast Tonight, back in more familiar surroundings in New York, we'd like to sum up our findings in Vietnam, an analysis that must be speculative, personal, subjective.

Apr 05,  · I was disappointed to hear President Trump so quickly reverse his position on removing U.S.

We must bring our troops home

troops from Syria. “We’re going to get back to our country, where we belong,” he told an Ohio. Bring home the troops now from Afghanistan. By Eugene Robinson. Now the only question should be how quickly we can get our troops onto transport planes to fly them home. The story must be.

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An infrared light illuminates U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Bobby M. Scharton, a platoon sergeant with 17th Fires Brigade, 7th Infantry Division, during a sleep study at Madigan Army Medical Center.

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