Why people should wear seatbelts

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Why people should wear seatbelts

Anti-lock brakes[ edit ] Anti-lock braking systems are designed to increase vehicle safety by reducing skidding. A number of studies show that drivers of vehicles with ABS tend to drive faster, follow closer and brake later, accounting for the failure of ABS to result in any measurable improvement in road safety.

The studies were performed in Canada, Denmark, and Germany. The authors concluded that "although the findings do not support the existence of a strong risk compensation mechanism among helmeted cyclists, this possibility cannot be ruled out".

One study by Walker in England found that 2, vehicles passed a helmeted cyclist with measurably less clearance 8. He concluded that in fact the data showed "bicycle-related fatalities are positively and significantly associated with increased helmet use" and mentioned risk compensation as one possible explanation of this association.

Belt use increased from 16 percent to 77 percent in Newfoundland and remained virtually unchanged in Nova Scotia. Four driver behaviors speed, stopping at intersections when the control light was amber, turning left in front of oncoming traffic, and gaps in following distance were measured at various sites before and after the law.

In Britain in at a time when the government was considering the introduction of seat belt legislationJohn Adams of University College London, suggested that there was no convincing evidence of a correlation between the seat-belt legislation and reductions injuries and fatalities based on a comparison between states with and without seat belt laws.

He also suggested that some injuries were displaced from car drivers to pedestrians and other road users. Shared space Shared space is an approach to the design of roads, where risk compensation is consciously used to increase the level of uncertainty for drivers and other road users by removing traditional demarcations between vehicle traffic by removing curbsroad surface markingsand traffic signs.

The approach has been found to result in lower vehicle speeds and fewer road casualties. It also showed that increased accident cost caused large and significant reductions in accident frequency but no change in speed choice.

Ten Reasons To Buckle Your Seat Belts

The results suggest that regulation of specific risky behaviors such as speed choice may have little influence on accident rates. Harvard researcher Edward C. Green argued that the risk compensation phenomenon could explain the failure of condom distribution programs to reverse HIV prevalence, providing a detailed explanations of his views in an op-ed article for The Washington Post [48] and an extended interview with the BBC.Affidavit Of Allan Cronshaw The Question?

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Florida mother is shocked to discover ghost of a boy sitting in the back seat of her car 'He came to warn us to wear seatbelts': Mother thinks ghostly boy sitting in . Research shows, primary enforcement seat belt laws make a big difference in getting more people to buckle up.

A Seat Belt Can Save Lives

14 A primary enforcement seat belt law means a police officer can pull a vehicle over and issue a ticket just because a driver or passenger covered by the law a is not wearing a seat belt. A secondary enforcement law only allows a.

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Why don't people "buckle up" their seatbelts every time they ride in a car? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. “It is not necessary to wear seat belts in the back” One study found body weight had something to do with why people don't buckle up.

Seat belts were designed in the s, when people were slimmer.

Why people should wear seatbelts

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8 Reasons Why People Don’t Wear Seatbelts | Safer by Choice