Writing articles online

Many writers make good money from online content, penning articles for online outlets. Those are some of the reasons you should consider writing articles online, but how can you go about it? My two-part guide is intended to answer that question, beginning with this first installment that focuses on structure and writing techniques. This format is ideal for delivering breaking news, or if you just have a simple point to make.

Writing articles online

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To read part 1, click here. In the first installment of this article, I covered the nitty-gritty, technical side of writing online articles: As I said then, writing articles online can be incredibly rewarding if you have a passion for the craft.

Finding your niche You may be the kind of person who relishes challenges, like writing about anything and everything, even if the subject is completely new to you. As well as saving you valuable research time, your writing will be imbued with both genuine passion and natural confidence — two things editors and readers are looking for.

Finding your niche encourages confidence and cuts down on costly research time.

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Those are great things to write about on your personal blog and if you can monetize that, then good on you. If vampire books are your jam, you could probably transfer that passion to writing about supernatural books in general.

And for the holiday-making golfers — could you widen that into writing about the sport as a whole, or even travel writing? You should be able to express your general area in a succinct, marketable way. Make sure you use information from places that show their workings, in other words — that link back to the root source.

When writing online, be careful to corroborate what you already think you know. Click To Tweet And guess what? Yes, really, you can use Wikipedia. The trick is to begin with Wikipedia, and then use their sources to check that facts are good enough to use in your own work.

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Finding work But where do you find work in the first place? Plenty of successful online writers got their break because someone else quit on short notice and the editor had their email address. A lot of established sites also have YouTube channels these days, and — despite what preconceptions you have about teenagers making a living from live-streaming video games and shouting at each other — that content needs to be scripted by someone.

You first online work might not be ideal, but it will evolve quickly. Click To Tweet The other tried-and-tested method is the old-fashioned way.

As in real life, a lot of getting online work is making things easier for the next person up the totem pole — try to hit the sweet spot of having your own ideas and being willing and able to take instruction.

Just like a normal job application, tell them a little about yourself and your relevant experience. Relevant ones if you have them; otherwise, just something that shows off your writing skills. Pitch them at least one idea, unless they have specific guidance on this.

Take some time browsing through their current content and try to think of something that would look at home amongst it. Take note of their preferred format choice, too — do they specialize in Top Tens?Find article writing freelance work on Upwork.

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writing articles online

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